BULATSA modernizes its radar complexes | BULATSA

BULATSA modernizes its radar complexes

The multi-radar picture, received from the Terminal Approach Radars (TARs) and the En-Route Radar Complexes, has a leading role in the provision of air navigation services and safety assurance. In relation to that, BULATSA undertook modernization of its radar complexes, whose life cycle expires in 2015.     

This modernization includes the delivery of primary and secondary surveillance radars for the radar complexes “Varbitsa” and “Cherni Vrah” and delivery of primary and secondary surveillance radar for the Sofia radar complex.

The modernization of TARs shall significantly improve the surveillance service, by reducing the number of false targets and the risk of overlapping of answers. The new radars shall improve the data reliability, shall provide information for barometric altitude of aircraft with accuracy of 25 feet (7.62 meters) and shall optimize the operation of the flight data processing system through the use of the transmitted data for Flight Identification.   

The primary radar at Sofia airport shall provide coverage for the Sofia terminal approach areas. In view of providing double independent cooperative surveillance coverage in the approach areas, while keeping the same rate of information update (4 sec.), the installation of a new radar operating in Mode S is envisaged. This equipment shall enable the use of data from the board of the aircraft and shall provide uninterrupted service in the Sofia approach area throughout the year, while keeping the 3 NM separation.