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Information Systems

The main activity of the Information Systems Directorate is related to the provision of IT services in the system of BULATSA, in order to ensure smooth operation of the ongoing working processes through implementation of modern information technologies and creation of the necessary environment for their optimal use.

The directorate performs technical maintenance and administration of the IT network infrastructure, the virtualization environment, storage systems, infrastructure services for external and end users, and provides centralized network and antivirus protection. The directorate’s teams are actively involved in the design, development, implementation and operational maintenance of some specific BULATSA software systems. Significant resources are designated for the overall information security and an experienced expert team manages, monitors and controls the provided services in the corporate network and the use of shared resources. This team applies centralized policies for access to the information resources, both for BULATSA employees and for the external partners and clients. These policies conform to the international standards for information security. The Information Systems Directorate actively participates in the processes of planning and realizing the strategic goals of BULATSA. This includes adequate participation in internal and European projects in the areas related to design, acquisition and implementation of IT systems for operational and other purposes.

The directorate is currently in the process of design and building a high-tech IT infrastructure, which will allow the implementation of various external and internal projects related to the management of the air traffic and the common business processes. In order to ensure high quality of the performed activities, the directorate organizes continuous improvement of the qualification and skills of its personnel.

The “Information Systems” Directorate operates a Security Operations Center (SOC). The Security Operations Center is a complete solution, providing reliable defense from cyber threats of the entire IT infrastructure of BULATSA, comprising its five geographical locations – the headquarters in Sofia and 4 ATCCs in Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv and Gorna Oryahovitsa. The solution encompasses dedicated staff, processes and technology, participating in the network control and monitoring, the response to incidents and the investigation and active search for known or unknown, conventional and advanced cyber-threats.