Plovdiv Airport with Area Navigation | BULATSA
25 May

Plovdiv Airport with Area Navigation

Starting yesterday, BULATSA implemented area navigation at Plovdiv Airport. The plan for modernization of the airspace organization of Plovdiv TMA was completed with the publication of new approach and departure procedures based on area navigation, duly approved by DG CAA in its capacity as national supervisory authority.

The procedures have been developed in accordance with ICAO SARPs for the application of area navigation and are the first of this kind at Plovdiv Airport. Their introduction create new possibilities for flexible definition of flight trajectories and possibilities for moving the airplane routes outside of the military training zones, increasing airspace capacity and reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

The introduction of area navigation in Bulgaria started in 2012 with the participation of BULATSA in SHERPA and NASCIO projects, funded by the European Commission.

With the introduction of the changes at Plovdiv Airport, the process of overall modernization of airspace organization and flight procedures in all our civil airports was completed. This places Bulgaria among the leading European countries in the field – the rate of implemented area navigation in Europe by the end of 2018 is expected to be around 60%.

The changes have become possible also thanks to the support of the European Commission, GSA, Eurocontrol, ESSP, Pildo Labs and DG CAA.