Meetings of DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies in Romania | BULATSA
18 May

Meetings of DANUBE FAB Governing Bodies in Romania

BULATSA participated in the ninth regular meetings of the Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP) Board and the Governing Council of the Functional Airspace Block DANUBE FAB, which took place on 16 and 17 May 2017 in Bucharest. 

The ANSP Board session was co-chaired by the director generals of BULATSA and ROMATSA – Mr. Georgi Peev and Mr. Valentin Cimpuieru.

A major topic was the DANUBE FAB position on the recommendations of the Final Report of the EU-wide FAB Study assigned by the European Commission. It was agreed that the ANSP position on the study shall be presented for additions to the DANUBE FAB Governing Council. The ANSP Board members also discussed the strategic aspects on the development in the next 5 years, some operational and technical matters, as well as the upcoming activities until the end of the year. The participants got acquainted with the status of the Performance Plan for the second reference period (2015-2019) and confirmed their willingness to continue the joint work on the DANUBE FAB Performance Plan framework.  

The forum discussed the implementation of the project for introduction of 24-Hour Free Route Airspace – FRA and the successful implementation of Night FRA in the airspaces of Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary (SEEN FRA).

In the session also participated representatives of both countries’ Ministries of Transport, Civil Aviation Administrations and Air Forces. In the discussions also took part the delegates from the Republic of Macedonia, which had been granted an observer status at the sixth meeting of the DANUBE FAB Governing Council. They were thankful for the DANUBE FAB support and expressed their interest to participate in the joint work. The delegates got acquainted with the topics discussed at the sessions at ANSP and supervisory authorities levels within DANUBE FAB.

The Governing Council decided to present a consolidated DANUBE FAB position regarding the recommendations of the EC EU-wide FAB Study through the members of Bulgaria and Romania in the Single European Sky Committee.

The next meetings of the DANUBE FAB ANSP Board and Governing Council shall be held in the autumn in Bulgaria.