Meeting of aviation companies under Project PJ.10.02a in BULATSA | BULATSA
21 May

Meeting of aviation companies under Project PJ.10.02a in BULATSA

Leading companies in the aviation industry, participating in Project PJ.10.02a (Separation Management En-route and TMA), met on 15 and 16 May in BULATSA. The purpose of the project is to create innovative prototypes for conflicts detection and resolution as part of SESAR 2020 Project PJ 10 PROSA (Controller Tools and Team Organisation for the Provision of Separation in the Air Traffic Management).

The forum was attended by representatives of SESAR Joint Undertaking, Thales, Indra, DSNA, Eurocontrol, ANS CZ, ENAV, PANSA, AIRBUS Aircraft, AIRBUS D&S, Skyguide, Integra, Leonardo, DFS, NAVIAIR, NATS and BULATSA.

The project managers presented the achieved results so far and the upcoming activities. The participants also made a review of the technical aspects in the development of PJ 10, the expected benefits, the degree of maturity of the prototypes and their applicability to different types of operational environment.

The partners exchanged their views on the operational improvements and the results of the conducted validation exercises and discussed different approaches for detecting and resolving the potential conflicts.

Representatives of BULATSA, Airbus D&S and Airbus Aircraft made a demonstration of the TESLA prototype and the integration of data from the aircraft (EPP – Extended Projected Profile) - PAS@ATM in the simulated exercise, conducted in the specially-equipped with working positions for air traffic controllers and pseudo-pilots simulation test platform – BULATSA Innovation Grid. Emulated ADS-C data from two Airbus A330 airplanes was integrated into the simulated traffic in order to determine more accurately the aircraft trajectory and detect and resolve conflicts.