Joint Demonstration of BULATSA and AIRBUS on SESAR PJ10 | BULATSA
15 Mar

Joint Demonstration of BULATSA and AIRBUS on SESAR PJ10

During the World ATM Congress in Madrid air traffic controllers from BULATSA and engineers from AIRBUS Aircraft and AIRBUS Defence and Space participated in a three-day joint demonstration of the expanded and tested so far functionalities of the TESLA prototype for phase V2 (Feasibility) – part of SESAR 2020 Programme.


The prototype has been developed by BULATSA and AIRBUS Defence and Space under SESAR Solution PJ.10-02a – Tactical Encounter Solver Assistant (TESLA).


The TESLA prototype aims at assisting ATCOs in resolving potential conflicts in terminal areas with medium and high traffic density with the purpose of tactical separation control. The prototype shall assess the ATCO’s work and present different options for conflict prevention by analyzing aircraft trajectories and suggesting actions for resolution of each specific situation.


The teams carry out preparatory activities for validation of Phase V3 (pre-industrialization), which include conducting a real-time simulation using the prototype developed. The exercise is planned to be conducted in the end of March 2019 in BULATSA, Sofia.