BULATSA supports the Clean Air Day initiative | BULATSA
15 Nov

BULATSA supports the Clean Air Day initiative

BULATSA supports the Clean Air Day initiative, which will take place on 16 November in Sofia and is being conducted for the first time in Bulgaria.

It is part of the Sofia Municipality's campaign to implement various educational initiatives to provide citizens with information about their personal contribution to air quality in our capital city - including by reducing the use of private cars in favour of the public transport, shared car travel from and to the workplace, transition to ecological heating, separate collection of combustible waste from the home (large-sized, tyres, textile), landscaping.

BULATSA has an active policy to protect the environment and minimize the negative impacts on it, and tomorrow the employees will participate in the initiative by refraining from using personal and company motor vehicles in favour of the public transport or for shared travel to and from the workplace.

The enterprise has a certified ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and is committed to environmental impact management.

The enterprise will also hold a campaign gathering of plastic caps and/or plastic bottles and will organize their delivery for recycling. The funds from the recycling will be collected and invested in the purchase and planting of trees in coordination with Sofia Municipality or the District Administration.

BULATSA plans to purchase an electric car charging station in 2019 to provide incentives for the use of electric vehicles by employees of the enterprise.