BULATSA services the traffic of the new Istanbul airport | BULATSA
11 Apr

BULATSA services the traffic of the new Istanbul airport

As of April 6, started the normal operations at the new Istanbul airport. On this date entered into force the new Letters of Agreement between BULATSA and the Turkish air navigation services provider DHMI. According to the agreed procedures, Bulgarian air traffic controllers interact and coordinate with their colleagues from Turkey a main part of the traffic to and from the new airport, as well as the currently expanding Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian coast of Istanbul. Also in operation is the new Cross-border Arrival Management tool XMAN, part of DHMI's Arrival Manager AMAN. The system serves to arrange the arriving traffic and reduce aircraft delays when approaching the airport as early as from the Bulgarian territory.

Although only a few days have passed since the start of operation of the new airport, the first results show that the serious preliminary training of the Bulgarian air traffic controllers has been conducted with high quality and in accordance with the highest standards in aviation.

The developed in BULATSA training programs, including theoretical training and practical exercises, provided the necessary preparation for optimal response to the changes in the airspace  organization and the working procedures accompanying the opening of the new airport. Significant progress has been achieved in integrating the traffic from and to Istanbul into the intense traffic in the airspace serviced by BULATSA.

BULATSA will continue to perform professionally the  activities  agreed so far with the Turkish side, which will bring significant benefits to aviation operators and passengers, such as reducing the holding time on approach and reducing fuel consumption, which in turn will lead to increased flight efficiency and reduced environmental impact.