BULATSA serviced a record number of flights for July | BULATSA
06 Aug

BULATSA serviced a record number of flights for July

State enterprise Bulgarian Air Traffic Services Authority serviced a record number of flights for July. The realized number of flights for the month is 100 418, which is a 11.51% increase compared to 2017 when their number was 90 054.

The number of international flights for the month, which have landed in and departed from our country, is 14 249. There is an increase of 945 flights or 7.10% compared to the same month of last year.   

BULATSA has serviced more domestic flights in July 2018 also. Over the last month they were 1 711, while for the same period in 2017 their number was 1 699.

The largest increase however is recorded in the number of serviced overflying international aircraft. For the seventh month of this year have been recorded 84 458 flights, compared to 75 051 for 2017. This is a 12.53% increase.  

In 2018, BULATSA reported one more record also. Bulgarian air traffic controllers took part in the servicing of one of the longest-lasting flights in the world. This is the flight of Qantas airline between Perth, Australia and London, lasting more than 17 hours and flying over 14 000 kilometers without a stopover.