BULATSA participates in the validation of project PJ 10 of SESAR Programme | BULATSA
26 Mar

BULATSA participates in the validation of project PJ 10 of SESAR Programme

On 25 March 2019 started a validation of project PJ.10-2a "Improved Performance in the Provision of Separation", Phase V3 ("pre-industrialization"), to demonstrate the maturity of the prototype TESLA (Tactical Encounter SoLver Assistant).

The prototype was developed by Airbus Defense and Space (Airbus D&S) in accordance with the operational requirements of BULATSA, in fulfillment of project PJ 10 activities of SESAR 2020 Programme. The purpose of the project is to provide Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) with automated means for detecting and preventing conflicts between aircraft, increasing the capacity of airspace and supporting the management of the increasing traffic. The validation is conducted in the test platform "BULATSA Innovation Grid", specially equipped with workstations for ATCOs and pseudo-pilots.

The validation of TESLA functionalities is conducted through simulation of the air traffic management in the area of Sofia Approach and Sofia Control with significant complexity and traffic intensity. The possibilities for improving airplane separation accuracy by using actual flight data from the board of the aircraft – EPP (Extended Projected Profile) are also being examined.

The Bulgarian air traffic controllers will assess the possibilities for resolving multiple conflict situations with the use of the prototype. The validation exercise will gather information on the maturity of TESLA (according to SESAR Programme standards), which information will be subject to expert analysis. The results and the final assessment of the prototype capabilities are expected in the second half of 2019.


SESAR 2020 is a programme of the European Union that is focused on the development and validation of technological solutions in the field of air traffic management. It is funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme