BULATSA participated in the World ATM Congress in Madrid | BULATSA
15 Mar

BULATSA participated in the World ATM Congress in Madrid

BULATSA Director General Georgi Peev took part in the annual Strategic Conference of the executive officers of ANSPs members of the Civil aviation services organization (CANSO) during the week of the World ATM Congress in Madrid.

Within the congress BULATSA and ROMATSA experts presented projects related to SESAR –  „Advantages and applications of the New pan-European Network Services (NewPens), Project for implementation of the South Eastern European Night Free Route Airspace (SEEN FRA), “Traffic Complexity Assessment Tool” in BULATSA, “Pilot platform for access services to OPMET (ECAC) data, (METAR, TAF, SIGMET) in WXXM format in ROMATSA”, and a project for initial SWIM implementation –  Creating local operational security center in BULATSA.

BULATSA representatives discussed the experience and the practical solutions of DANUBE FAB in the InterFAB panel “Impact of the traffic volatility in air traffic management”.

BULATSA air traffic controllers together with AIRBUS Aircraft and AIRBUS Defence and Space engineers made a demonstration of the integration of two prototypes of SESAR 2020, developed within SESAR PJ.10 Solution 10.02a – Tactical Encounter Solver Assistant (TESLA) by AIRBUS Defence and Space and BULATSA, and within SESAR PJ.18 Solution 18.04 – PAS@ATM by AIRBUS Aircraft.