BULATSA with a New Radar at Cherni Vrah | BULATSA
09 Jun

BULATSA with a New Radar at Cherni Vrah

BULATSA put into operation the new radar complex at Cherni Vrah peak. The facility includes primary and secondary radar, manufactured by one of the leaders on the market for air navigation equipment – the French company THALES. The radar is of strategic importance for the air traffic management over the country and together with the Varbitsa radar complex provide significant part of the information, necessary for servicing the airplanes overflying Bulgaria. By virtue of bilateral agreements the radar information is shared with Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, Romania, as well as with HUNGAROCONTROL, which provide services in part of the airspace over Kosovo.    

It is a last generation radar, operating on Mode S technology and automatically providing data about the speed and status of the overflying aircraft with high authenticity and reliability, thus improving the effectiveness of the air traffic controllers’ work and the safety of air traffic management.