BULATSA Introduces Satellite Navigation Procedures at Sofia Airport | BULATSA
28 Apr

BULATSA Introduces Satellite Navigation Procedures at Sofia Airport

Starting today 28 April, BULATSA introduces procedures for arrival, approach and departure with satellite navigation for the flights at Sofia Airport. The purpose is to optimize the airspace management in accordance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The implementation of the new procedures will enable more flexible setting of the flight trajectories and directing the airplanes out of the densely populated areas. 

The satellite navigation allows the creation of one-way routes for the arriving and departing airplanes and reduces the conflicting points. This will increase the airspace capacity of Sofia Airport and will reduce the noise impact, the fuel burnt and the harmful emissions.

The plans of BULATSA envisage introduction of these procedures before the end of 2016 in all Bulgarian civil airports for public use, which shall rank Bulgaria among the leading European countries, like Germany and France.  

The project was achieved thanks to the BULATSA’s participation in the working groups of EURCONTROL, SHERPA and NASCIO projects, and with the support of partners from the European Commission, European GNSS Agency, EUROCONTROL, ESSP, PILDO LABS and DG CAA.