New Voice Communication System – VCS | BULATSA

New Voice Communication System – VCS

In the period from 2013 to 2014 the Air Navigation Services Providers of Bulgaria and Romania – BULATSA and ROMATSA conducted a joint procurement procedure for a new Voice Communication Systems – VCS within the Functional Airspace Block DANUBE FAB. The benefits from the conducted procurement are related to the achievement of full interoperability in the provision of “air-ground” and “ground-ground” communication services, as well as harmonization of the Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems in DANUBE FAB.    

The operational voice communication systems provide “air-ground” and “ground-ground” voice communication for the air traffic controllers (ATCOs) with the serviced aircraft and with other ATCOs, and are directly related to ensuring the flight safety.

The systems allow VoIP (voice over IP) communications with neighboring ATC centres and aircraft.

The equipment manufacturer – the Austrian company Frequentis, has proven capabilities and experience in the production of similar systems, ensuring reliable and high quality voice communications. 

The new systems were put into operation in 2015 in BULATSA’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) Centres in Sofia, Varna and Burgas.

In May 2016, a back-up system for operational voice communications (EBS-VCS) was put into operation in ATC Centre Sofia.
The back-up system is analogical to the main system for voice communications in Sofia ACC, thus ensuring analogic human-machine interface aimed at easing the air traffic controllers’ work.