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Plovdiv ATC Centre

The Plovdiv Airport ATC Centre (Plovdiv ATC Centre) is a structural unit of BULATSA providing air traffic services in the Control zone (CTR) and the Terminal Control Area (TMA) of Plovdiv Airport. The Plovdiv ATC Centre ensures, operates and maintains in accordance with the standards and recommended practices of ICAO the equipment and systems used in the communication, navigation, surveillance, aeronautical-informational, meteorological, and energy provision of flights and the supporting infrastructure.

In performing its operations the Plovdiv ATC Centre interacts with BULATSA Headquarters, Sofia Air Taffic Control Centre, the Airspace Management Cell, the Plovdiv Airport Operator, the military ATS units at Graf Ignatievo and Krumovo Airports and with other organizations in line with their competences.

The Plovdiv ATC Centre is structurally made up of management and the following divisions: "Operations" and "Operational Systems".

The ATS unit of the Plovdiv ATC Centre is the Aerodrome Control Tower (Plovdiv TWR).

Plovdiv TWR provides procedural air traffic services in Plovdiv CTR and TMA, including aerodrome traffic control, flight information service and alerting service.

Over the past few years traffic at Plovdiv Airport has increased owing to the opening of new commercial lines and charter flights as well as the newly-built airport terminal.

2867 movements were controlled at Plovdiv Airport in 2017.


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